Bar & Bat Mitzvah Mobile Cocktail Bar Hire

Bar Mitzvah’s and Bat Mitzvah’s signify not just a pivotal rite of passage but also a celebration brimming with elegance, happiness, and memories. A Mobile Cocktail Bar service from Cockatoo Cocktails will enhance the experience with our specifically tailored kosher cocktail and bar service. From our experienced bartenders, who have worked in some of the best bars around the globe, to our customised drinks menu, we take pride in ensuring that no detail is missed.

Tailor Made to fit your Bar & Bat Mitzvah Celebration

Let us design a customised cocktail menu and drinks service to match the significance of the event. We offer a selection of cocktails to meet all dietary requirements whether it’s non-alcoholic mocktails, gluten free or vegan, all our cocktails are made with the highest quality low sugar ingredients. We also provide a full bar service with a selection of beers, wine, whisky and gin to meet all your guests’ needs.

Effortless Elegance, End to End

We promise an experience that's as seamless as it is splendid, from our first conversation to the last cheer. Our team collaborates with you to bring your vision to life, ensuring a celebration that both meets and exceeds your expectations. We set up, we enchant and then we clean up. Allowing you to enjoy the event and celebrate with your guests.

Why Choose Cockatoo Cocktails Mobile Cocktail Bar?

A Bar or Bat Mitzvah is no ordinary event; it's a unique celebration that calls for a mobile cocktail bar that is passionate about providing the highest quality service. Here's why our mobile cocktail bar is the right choice for your event:

Customisation: Our bespoke drink options allows you to perfectly match the tastes of your guests and the essence of the occasion. 

Convenience: A hassle-free setup in both indoor and outdoor locations, from the beginning of the event to its conclusion.

High Quality: We use high quality low sugar ingredients in all our cocktails. Our use of Native Australian ingredients in our cocktails provides a unique difference and connection to our land.

Engagement: Our bartender take pride in not only the quality of each and every cocktail they make but also in ensuring that your guests understand the what and the how of the drink.

Bar Mitzvah Mobile Cocktail Bar FAQ's

Yes, we have extensive experience in providing a kosher cocktail and drinks service.

Absolutely! We excel in crafting bespoke drink menus that cater for all preferences and dietary requirements.

Indeed, our selection includes a variety of exquisite non-alcoholic cocktails.

We suggest booking as soon as your plans are in place, particularly for weekend celebrations, to ensure our availability.

Yes, our full-service package covers everything needed for a stellar cocktail bar setup.

While Melbourne is our primary area, we're open to discussing events in other regions.

Bar Mitzvahs and Bat Mitzvahs are landmark events deserving of a grand celebration.

As one of Melbourne's premier Mobile Cocktail Bar Hire services, we have the experience and the knowledge required to deliver a truly unforgettable event.