Birthday Party Mobile Cocktail Bar Hire

Our Mobile Cocktail Bar hire service blends the essence of luxury and personalised attention to your birthday event. It’s not merely about adding sparkle to your birthday celebration; it’s about scripting moments that linger in the memory of all your party guests.  

We take pride in the details whether it is our meticulously crafted cocktails made with the highest quality, low sugar ingredients or our bartenders who have worked in some of the world’s most renowned bars.

We design a bespoke experience to meet your needs.

Perfect for Birthdays of All Ages

Make those milestone birthdays - 18th, 21st, 40th or 70th truly special with a premium cocktail experience. Let us design a customised cocktail menu that matches your party theme and the significance of the event.

To ensure everyone can enjoy the moment we offer a selection of cocktails to meet all dietary requirements whether its non-alcoholic, vegan, gluten free or kosher. We also provide a beer, wine and spirit service so that all guest requirements are taken care of.

Here’s why Cockatoo Cocktails Mobile Bar service is exactly what you are looking for to make your Birthday Party a memorable and unique event.

Whether your birthday party is inside in the living area or outside in the backyard, we seamlessly weave the bar setup perfectly with your chosen party environment.

Our Mobile Cocktail Bartenders have worked in some of the best bars in the world and take pride in educating, as well creating.

We set up, we enchant and then we clean up. Allowing you to enjoy the event and celebrate with your guests.

A wide range of cocktail choices from the timeless to our signature cocktails including the Davidson Plum Margarita, Wattleseed Espresso Martini and Butterfly Pea Lychee Martini.

We look to infuse Natives into Cocktails that celebrate Australia, adding a local twist to every sip.

Our service is celebrated for our expertise, client experiences and attention to detail.

You know what you’re getting, from the first welcome drink to the last nightcap.

Enquire about including our interactive Cocktail Masterclasses for your birthday guests to try their hand at cocktail crafting.

Planning Your Birthday Party Mobile Cocktail Bar Experience

Contact us and share your party details, guest count, and preferred drink options. We will work with you to design a bespoke customised cocktail menu and package that fits your budget and preferences.

Book Your Birthday Party Mobile Cocktail Bar

Choosing to add a Mobile Cocktail Bar to your birthday not only promises an event bursting with sophistication and enjoyment but also guarantees moments that become the fabric of your guests' cherished memories. It’s not just a party; it’s a milestone marked with flair, flavor, and festivity, ensuring your celebration will be reminisced about with a smile and a raised glass.