About US


Our mission is to elevate the modern drinking experience through the use of traditional Native Australian ingredients.

The best of our backyard

Australia is blessed with thousands of traditional natives - and we want to showcase how to use them. We strive to incorporate Australian spirits, liqueurs and mixers where possible to give you a truly local experience.

we're social animals

You're hard pressed to find a social event in the calendar that won't have a drink in someone's hand. At Cockatoo we celebrate inclusive drinking experiences - one where you can get your feathers out, your crest up, and have a great time
while drinking something new and interesting.

Natives, as nature intended

In trying to keep the experience as pure as possible, our products are free of added sugars and artificial flavours. Every native you taste is the 'real deal', as nature intended. While we work hard to celebrate the bounty of this
great land, we're also conscious to lower our impact on it - with ethically sourced products and recyclable packaging.

For curious, conscious drinkers

We get it. Not everybody is into alcohol these days, which is why we have curated a range of products to cater for all preferences. Boozy or not, our cocktails will still provide an incredible native Australian experience!