Corporate Events

Imagine transforming an ordinary corporate event into an impressive tale that attendees will chatter about for ages.

The secret?

A chic cocktail bar that oozes sophistication and fun. Choosing to bring in a high-end cocktail bar hire service is more than just about serving drinks; it's about creating an exclusive vibe that caters to the refined palates of your business guests. No matter if your event is set against the bustling backdrop of Melbourne’s CBD or anywhere else, adding a cocktail bar will instantly elevate the mood that also allows your guests to unwind and relax.

Custom Crafted for Any Corporate Affair

No matter the occasion – be it a grand year-end bash, a product launch, an open house, fundraising event or an intimate networking dinner Cockatoo Cocktails can bring a Cocktail Bar experience that is shaped and styled to fit the bill perfectly. Themed concoctions, logo-adorned bars, and top-tier service are just a few of the customised solutions that Cockatoo Cocktails can bring to your next corporate event in Melbourne. Whether you're eyeing a trendy city spot, a serene outdoor setting, or your own corporate space, Cockatoo Cocktail’s Corporate Cocktail Bar Hire service is ready to whisk your event to new heights of sophistication.

Why Choose Cockatoo Cocktails for Your Corporate Event?

Craft a drink menu and bar ambiance that reflects your corporate image and event's theme.

Our Mobile Cocktail Bartenders have worked in some of the best bars in the world and take pride in educating as well creating.

From setting up to winding down, every detail is handled, allowing you to zero in on your event.

Delight your guests with an array of cocktails made from high quality low sugar ingredients that cater to every dietary preference from non-alcoholic to vegan and gluten free.

Encourage your corporate guests to blend, network, and unwind in a laid-back atmosphere.

Unlocking Unforgettable Moments with Corporate Cocktail Bar Hire

In business, corporate events are a great opportunity for networking, celebrating milestones, and boosting morale. Sprinkling in a dash of cocktail bar elegance not only amplifies the vibe but also encourages attendees to mingle in a classy yet laid-back setting. From hosting an open house event on the Block for the eventual winners to a Guide Dogs Australia fundraising event we are able to create a bespoke solutions to match the individual goals and objectives of your event.

Taking Your Next Corporate Event to The Next Level

Incorporating a cocktail bar and bartenders into your corporate event is a surefire way to inject elegance and excitement. Opting for the right partner, especially in Melbourne—a city celebrated for its dynamic cocktail culture—can transform your event into an extraordinary affair. From personalised drink selections to the flair of our experienced bartenders, the advantages of choosing Cockatoo Cocktails are extensive.

Give your next corporate event a lift with our Corporate Cocktail Bar Hire service that does more than serve drinks; it crafts unforgettable experiences that echo the sophistication and flair of your corporate brand.