Hens Party Mobile Cocktail Bar Hire

Elevate your hens party to an unforgettable celebration with Cockatoo Cocktails’ exclusive Hens Party Cocktail Bar Hire service!

Imagine sipping on tailor-made cocktails or non-alcoholic cocktails, each crafted to perfection by our skilled bartenders, in the comfort of your chosen venue. Whether you're hosting an intimate gathering or a grand soirée, our cocktail bar setup brings a touch of elegance and a whirlwind of flavors to your hens’ special night.

From classic concoctions to innovative mixes, our team is dedicated to creating an enchanting experience that you and your friends will talk about for years to come.

Let Cockatoo Cocktails add the sparkle to your celebration, making your hens party not just a night, but a memorable journey through taste, friendship, laughter and love with bespoke drinks crafted for your occasion. It's the perfect way to send off the bride-to-be!

Why Choose Our Signature Mobile Cocktail Bar for Your Hens Party?

Our services are tailored to fit your vision, guaranteeing a hen’s party that mirrors your aspirations for the night or day.

Your celebration stands out; your beverages should too. We craft a bespoke cocktail menu to fit your theme or the hen’s personality. Whether it’s bottomless cocktails, mocktails or a selection of our signature cocktails we use high quality ingredients in all our drinks. 

Entrust us with your cocktail needs and turn your focus to the joy of the occasion. From setup to cleanup, our professionals ensure a seamless experience.

Beyond drinks, we offer an experience. Our bartenders have worked in some of the world’s most renowned bars, so they take pride in not only the making of every cocktail, but also in sharing their knowledge about the creation process.

Dreaming of a Gatsby gala, Mexican, Italian or a relaxed, bohemian vibe theme? Let us design your cocktail bar to match your theme.

Our Cocktail Masterclasses can add a layer of fun and interactivity to your event. Each attendee rolls up their sleeves to mix their potions, from picking their concoctions to perfecting their garnishes.

Hens Party Cocktail Bar Hire Frequently Asked Questions

Our services span Melbourne and beyond. Reach out for specific location availability.

Secure our services at your earliest convenience, especially during the busy wedding season, to guarantee our availability.

Our cocktail creations can be adapted to meet a variety of dietary needs from non-alcoholic to vegan and kosher. Let's discuss your requirements.

The Cockatoo Cocktail crew will manage both the setup before and the cleanup after your event, whether that is indoor or out.

Collaborate with our Cockatoo Cocktail mixologists to develop a menu that aligns with your event's theme, taste, and dietary needs. 

We can provide the full bar experience from wine, spirits and mocktails to meet everyone’s preferences.

Yes, we have multiple partner venues that we can recommend. 

Let Us Help Make Your Hens Party Distinct

Opting for Cockatoo Cocktails hens party cocktail bar hire is more than just booking service, it’s about crafting an unforgettable experience together. It's about weaving joy and laughter into every drink, ensuring your celebration resonates with heartwarming moments. With our commitment to bespoke beverages and seamless service, we are committed to making your hens party nothing short of spectacular.