Batched Cocktails

Batched cocktails are pre-mixed beverages prepared in large quantities for events, ensuring consistency and quality in every glass. Choosing batched cocktails for your event offers a seamless blend of convenience and elegance.

More than just a time-saver, they can add a sophisticated flair to your gathering, ensuring that your guests enjoy consistently delicious beverages from start to finish.

Benefits of Choosing Our Batched Cocktails for Events

Batched cocktails are ideal for events as they streamline the serving process. Allowing guests to help themselves, reducing wait times, and guaranteeing uniform taste.

The high Cockatoo Cocktails standards are maintained with all our batched cocktails ensuring that you receive the same quality and freshness that you would receive with our full mobile cocktail bar service.

Streamlines the serving process, allowing guests to serve themselves without waiting.

Guarantees the same taste and quality in every glass, which is often a challenge with individually mixed drinks.

Offers the ability to serve multiple cocktail options effortlessly, catering to diverse tastes.

All our batched cocktails are made fresh to order for every event, ensuring a commitment to a high-quality experience.

Presentation and Engagement

Transform your cocktail service into a visual and interactive highlight of your event. Consider setting up a DIY customisation station where guests can personalise their drinks, making the experience both fun and memorable.

Perfect Partner for Event Businesses

Our batched cocktails are the perfect solution for venues, caterers and event management businesses. If in need of a range of high-quality bulk cocktail products to service guests without the cost of preparation . We offer the ability for businesses to create a custom menu that is specific to each event adding another layer to your range of services.

Freshly Batched Cocktails Ready to Pour and Garnish

At Cockatoo Cocktails we can pre-batch a range of our signature cocktails in bulk for your event. All you need to do is pour and garnish. This is a great option for anyone hosting a private or corporate event that doesn’t require bar staff. We can pre-batch our signature cocktails fresh on demand for your event. We can also create a custom cocktail menu for you to present to customers and order as required.

Batched Cocktails FAQ’s

We sell our pre-batched cocktails by the litre. Each litre makes approximately 10 cocktails. We provide the appropriate garnish complimentary. To achieve the perfect serve, we can also hire out our glassware, so that each drink is poured as intended. For best results, we recommend that you chill the cocktail mix prior to service. For any cocktail that has froth, we recommend you shake the cocktail mix as well.

We have all the classic cocktails including our own signature Native twist of the following. 

  • Espresso Martini
  • Margarita 
  • Lychee Martini 
  • Passionfruit Martini 
  • Cosmopolitan 
  • Gin Elderflower Gimlet 
  • Negroni 
  • Southside 
  • Mojito 
  • Daiquiri 
  • Amaretto Sour 
  • Old Fashioned 
  • Manhattan 
  • Dry Martini 

These are just a few examples, we have an abundance of options to choose from! 

Absolutely. Give us a brief and our team will get cracking. 

Our batched cocktails will either be packaged in a bottle or a food grade pouch with a spout. It depends on what quantities you order.  

Yes, we can for an additional fee. We can also drop off and pick up hired glassware. Currently, this option is only available in Victoria. 

Yes, we can make our cocktails vegan, gf or even kosher! 

It really depends on which cocktails you choose. Some of our cocktails can last up to 12 months. If shelf life is a primary concern, we can make recommendations on this basis. 

Discover how to effortlessly enhance your next event with batched cocktails from Cockatoo Cocktails.