Native River Mint Moscow Mule Cocktail Kit

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A classic cocktail with zest and punch. The low-cal ginger beer makes this a guilt free cocktail.  

The copper cup emulates the bar experience at home. It also keeps your drink refreshingly cool, allowing the flavours in the drink tingle your tastebuds. 

This pack makes five generous cocktails

In this pack: 

  • Moscow Mule Copper Mug
  • Manly Spirits Grape and Grain Vodka 200ml or Lyre's Dry London Spirit 200ml
  • 3x Strange Love Low-Cal Double Ginger Beer 300ml
  • Fresh Lime Juice 245ml
  • Native River Mint 10ml
  • Dehydrated Citrus

Please note that fresh mint is not provided as perishable items cannot be sent with our courier. Native River Mint is included as a substitute. 

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